Dong Van Industrial Zone II

Area : 264 ha . Location : Duy Tien district , Ha Nam province . Owner: Corporation Henan Development . Duration : up to 2056 .

Perspective Dong Van II Industrial Park

Dong Van II Industrial Park was established by decision of the Chairman of the Committee 335/2006/QD-UBND people Henan Province March 22, 2006 on the establishment and approval of projects delivered Corporation Henan developed as building owners and business infrastructure Dong Van II industrial Zone , Dong Van town , Duy Tien district , Ha Nam province .

Geographical location of industrial areas :

Dong Van II Industrial Zone of Dong Van town , Duy Tien district , Ha Nam province has an area of ​​264 hectares with a range boundaries are defined as follows :

- North: Residential Giap Dong Van town

- South: Giap Dong Van Industrial Zone 1

- East: Bordered by Highway 1B

- West: Armor highway 1A


Location of Dong Van II Industrial Park


Dong Van II Industrial Park seen from satellite

Dong Van Industrial Zone Industrial Park II is a multi-disciplinary, less polluting environment including primary industries: Industry electromechanical assembly, food processing, light industry and consumer goods, processing jewelry; manufacturing precision electronic components, motorcycles, cars, appliances, mechanical ...


                                                  Master plan map of Dong Van II Industrial Park

                                                                   (space is not leased plots)


Distance to Dong Van Industrial Zone II :


* How to Noi Bai International Airport 65 km

* The Hanoi city center 45 km

* 125 km from Hai Phong port

* The deep water port in Quang Ninh - Cai Lan 145 km


Dong Van II Industrial Park adjacent to the 1A highway arterial roads adjacent to the country's capital Hanoi and the provinces of the northern coastal plain is very convenient for the transportation of goods trade .


Labor force :

Dong Van town population was : 852 695 people . Henan Province population of about 1.5 million people, of whom 65 % are under 35 employees . This is the workforce can provide complete enterprise in the industrial park .

System colleges , secondary schools , vocational training in diverse areas . Excluding vocational schools managed by the districts . Henan Province has about 10 professional vocational schools with 500 teachers and over 10,000 students who attend / year ( as Pedagogical College of Henan , College of Broadcasting , hydro High School benefit , the worker woodworking , High School 1 Posts and Telecommunications , High School of Henan Medical ... )

Moreover , the distance from the center of Hanoi about 45 km industrial park , the bus system to ensure the workforce from Hanoi daily commute to the industrial park conveniently and easily.




Conditions on land :

* Average Elevation 9 m grading

* Soils : hard and leveled


Power supply :

- Power is supplied continuously and stability derived from 110 -kV electric line goes near the southern boundary of Dong Van Industrial Zone .

- High Voltage network provided along the internal traffic in the Industrial Park . Business investment and building voltage stations , depending on the power consumption .



Technical infrastructure Dong Van II Industrial Park


Sewer :

Stormwater systems and wastewater ( industrial wastewater and domestic sewage ) is a separate building . Rainwater is collected through drains and drainage system in the area of the river . Wastewater is collected in waste water treatment plant of industrial park .


Wastewater treatment and solid waste :

The entire industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater is treated to meet enterprise standards C minimum water level before discharging sewage system 's general IPs. Then IPs will continue processing standards prescribed by the Government of Vietnam .

Solid waste : the plant will sign a contract in the IP classification , collection and transportation of waste to the functional unit classification , collection and transportation of waste to the waste shipped out of IPs avoid environmental pollution .


Water supply systems : water supply system connected to the fence to take each enterprise


Internal transport system in industrial zones

- The system of internal roads are reasonably designed to cater for travel for transport to each Lot ease , convenience

- System wide center line 36m , 24m wide branch lines .

- Street lighting system was installed along the route



System roads in Dong Van Industrial Zone II



Trees account for 10-12% of the entire industrial park, combining centralized and green trees along the general route of the industrial park landscaping.



Trees Dong Van II Industrial Park


Information Systems :

Telecommunication systems and international standards are always ready to meet communication needs . Undersea fiber optic cable system connected directly to the fence of each enterprise .




Building density :

Complete coverage of the " footprint " of course not exceed 65 % of the total area of the plot . Acceptable ratio of the floor area does not exceed 200 % of the total area of the land plot


Average height :

1-2 for factory floor ; 1-4 floors for office , a maximum height of 4m .


Construction boundaries :

The main works as factories, offices , cafeterias , ... ( except for works such as garage accessories , transformers , ... ) must be constructed boundaries 6m internal IPs , and how to plot the next fence is 3.5 m .


Height :

Building height not exceeding 13m minimum vertical distance from the ground level has ( * ) to the highest point of the roof .


Barriers :

Maximum height of fences along roads is 2.3 m high from the ground level and is open from the fence was painted iron bar .

Barriers between Lot no higher than 2m and not use barbed wire ( fencing not so hidden ) .


Fire Systems and lightning :

The land lease arrangement and maintenance of fire alarm systems and efficient fire fighting system for each building in the land.

Any public works within the plot must be equipped with lightning suitable design .



                                     Perspective of land for small and medium enterprises,

                                                     business activities in ancillary industries (JASMEC).


After more than five years in operation, with policies to attract efficient investment, open investment environment in Henan province, far Dong Van II Industrial Park has filled about 60% (area: on 120 ha) with many domestic and foreign investment. The major investors in Japan such as Sumitomo Corporation Honda, Honda Lock, Showa Denko, Tachibana, of the United States of America: Cargill, investors in countries such as Hanosimex, Vinawind, ... have been selected as Dong Van II Industrial Park to perform investment projects. Dong Van II Industrial Zone in operation has contributed to creating the conditions for thousands of workers in local employment, promote economic growth, increase revenues for the province's budget from the investment projects in industrial Park.



                                                     Honda Lock factory in Dong Van Industrial Zone II

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